Lorenzburgs urgamla och mytiska alfabet!

Lorenzburgs gamla alfabet fungerar lika bra för att skriva kärleksbrev eller att teckna ner kakrecept eller bombastiska stats-ceremonier:

What is a community? Is it a group of people organized around central values and visions? Is it a group of people sharing the same language, culture and resources? Or maybe a secret society of initiates guarding an enchanted secret?

As Prince of Lorenzburg I am responsible for upholding the values of the micronation as well as being the prime ambassador for our culture. I also strive to be an educator and a facilitator that empowers my subjects in order to inspire them to live by the highest ideals in terms of vision, creativity and brotherly love. 

litet Prinssigill

original art: Jakob Leijonhielm

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