H.S.H. Prince Frei abdicates

H.S.H. Prince Frei abdicates

Communique from the Marshall of the Realm

Kronhuset Gothemburg 01-04-24

Prince Frei of Lorenzburg has today informed the Lord Marshal and the princely courts that he intends to abdicate with immediate effect. The prince has reached a point in his life where he wishes to dedicate himself to other pursuits, such as painting tin soldiers and small-scale cultivation of mugwort, dandelions, lupines, and similar plant species that have unfairly received a bad reputation.

Prince Frei expresses gratitude for the love and warmth shown to him during his years as an active ruler. At the same time, he wishes his successor all the best in the new adventure of representing the most beautiful and enchanted place on earth!

The advertisement for the position of prince has already been posted on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s Job Bank. Applicants should apply in the usual manner with a CV and a personal letter.

Lord Marshall Carl Svantesson



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