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The Principality of Lorenzburg aspires to have active foreign politics with extensive bi- and multilateral collaborations both locally and globally. Here you can read more about Lorenzburg’s collaborations with other nations or similar entities.

Please Read Carefully before filling out the form

The Principality of Lorenzburg opens for official diplomatic relations with countries that are based on democratic and humanistic values of freedom of speech and the right to live and love safely. Lorenzburg will enter diplomatic relations with any nation that adopts, and adheres, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While this is not a perfect document it is a genuine attempt at protecting the rights and liberties of all human kind. Lorenzburg accept the declaration in this spirit. By law we can only enter diplomatic relations with nations that have existed for at least one year and one day, and where the average age of the government officials is at least 20 years.

Any nation, micro or macro, that seeks formal relations with Lorenzburg should accept the following conditions:

  • 1 Both parties shall recognize the other as an independent sovereign micronation and both parties agree to publically make this known on webpages, social media and (if applicable) in traditional media such as newspapers, TV, radio.
  • 2 Both parties agree to act towards the other peacefully, reasonably and with the utmost good faith in mutual friendship.
  • Both parties share the values that human rights are universal, inviolable and need to be protected.
  • Both parties agree, whenever possible, to further the exchange of information, knowledge, art, culture and goods of trade between citizens of each nation.
  • Both parties shall designate, if possible, an ambassador for regular and consistent contact between the nations.
  • None of the parties shall have opinions of the other party’s diplomatic relations with other nations.

Amendments or additions to the above principles can only be made in mutual agreement between the signing parties.

Kindly use the form below to invite Lorenzburg to diplomatic relations. in order for us to be able to treat your invitation, please make sure that all the required material is provided:

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