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Happy St. Lucy’s Day 2023!

HAPPY SAINT LUCY’S DAY TO ALL CITIZENS AND FRIENDS OF  LORENZBURG! This day is celebrated on the 13th of December – the feast day of the Sicilian saint Lucy. In this part of the world the Saint Lucy celebrations are an amalgamate of pre-crhistian and christian figures and traditions. According to the earlier Gregorian calendar … Continue reading Happy St. Lucy’s Day 2023!

H.S.H. Prince Frei’s birthday and feast day of Saint Barbara

The fourth of december is the birthday of Prince Frei but it’s also the feast day of St Barbara – the patron saint of all things loud and booming, like cannons, dynamite and fireworks. There are several traditions for St Barbara’s day. For example, it’s a tradition to gently take a few cherry twigs – … Continue reading H.S.H. Prince Frei’s birthday and feast day of Saint Barbara

Happy Count Bartenberg Day!

It is our princely cousin, the magnificent Count Rune Bartenberg von Lorenzburg’s birthday! His coat of arms is divided in azure and or, with a full beard and moustache azure in the bottom half of the shield. To celebrate this special day, everyone in Sweden and Lorenzburg eats copious amounts of pastries, decorated with a … Continue reading Happy Count Bartenberg Day!