H.S.H. Prince Frei’s birthday and feast day of Saint Barbara

The fourth of december is the birthday of Prince Frei but it’s also the feast day of St Barbara – the patron saint of all things loud and booming, like cannons, dynamite and fireworks.

There are several traditions for St Barbara’s day. For example, it’s a tradition to gently take a few cherry twigs – one for each member of the family – then let each person write their name on a piece of paper and tie around the twig. Put the twigs in a nice vase and wait for Christmas. The family member whose twig has blossoms will have special luck during the coming year.

Another tradition is to bake St Barbara Cake. It’s a spongecake with lemon zest and frosting, however if you want to add some fruity luxury to the batter, just add some frozen cherries. Eat the cake with a little whipped cream and something nice to drink. Maybe even something a little stronger for those so inclined… The day is often celebrated by flying the Lorenzburg Mariflamme flag (Flame of the sea) and you can make one yourself from paper if you want. Follow the instructions here: make your own hand flag

And with that, I hope you have a lovely St. Barbara Day! However it’s maybe best to avoid to fire cannons or too loud fireworks in order to celebrate, since loud noises may disturb dogs, birds and other animals with sensitive ears.

We wish our friends and citizens a lovely weekend,

Carl Svantesson
Marshall of the Realm

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