March 14 & 24, April 20: Education not Execution!

The Principality of Lorenzburg upholds the values of the Human Rights to live, love and learn safely in accordance with one’s own unique talents and interests. Sadly, these fundamental rights are being violated in many parts of the world on a daily basis.

Schools and universities should be considered sacred places for learning and growing. Our children and young adults should be given the best, the healthiest and the safest environments in order to learn about themselves and to understand the complex and beautiful world that we share with a multitude of species. Unfortunately many young people are still denied access to even basic education, and in some parts of the world going to school could mean never returning home.

The last years there has been an increase in reported large-scale murders from American schools and universities. These sacred places of learning has become potential slaughterhouses, as easy access to assault weapons and semi-automatic guns means that the next tragedy is always around the corner. After the latest killing of 17 students in Parkland, Florida, there is a call for reforms regarding gun laws. Survivors of the massacre are calling for manifestations and school walkouts to demand changes that will ensure that children have a safer education, free from the horrors of gun related killings.

There are three manifestations planned, where students and supporters protest the current laws: 14 and 24 of March as well as 20 April. On those days, put a pearl earring in one, or both, ears to support the demands for safer schools and universities. The pearl, an ancient symbol for sorrow, hanging from your ear will show that you will not close your ears to the cries of those children and young adults! Also, since 2015, the color orange has been used to protest killings due to easy access to guns.

March 14:  March 24: April 20:

I remain hopeful that children everywhere shall be able to enjoy high quality and safe education. I hope for a future where kids go to school to have an Education, not an Execution!

H.S.H. Prince Freï of Lorenzburg


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