A Serene Carnival of All Colors!

date: 10 September 2017
location: the Lorensberg Park
time: 14:00

“With our own colors and nuances, and a blissful serene walk, we demonstrate that richness in color is stronger than monochrome fragility.

After the walk we will dance together in a slow but celebratory dance, simply by holding hands and placing one foot in front of the other. And lastly: coffee, tea, and cookies.

We’d rather be colorful,
Tahan colorless!”
Hans Kvarnström, priest and performance artist

The Most Serene Principality of Lorenzburg celebrates play, imagination, generosity and community. Come and be proud that you live in the only Swedish city section which is simultaneously a magical fairytale nation!

Between 4 – 10 September the city of Karlstad will offer an inclusive “Rainbow” programme in order to celebrate all consensual love. In Lorenzburg it is obvious that all human beings have the right to safety, freedom and love, regardless of inne or outer colors. And so the Principality invites you to come and celebrate this by participating in a slow and dignified Pilgrim Walk. Bring any brightly colored flags that you may have designed, or dress in fanciful clothes to express your most magical you. If you want you can make your own Lorenzburg hand flag to wave.

From the Pilgrim walk in October 2016

If you want to participate in the celebrations, just show up to the Lorensberg Park and we will walk together slowly for approximately 1,5 hours. The walk is led by the choreographer and Pilgrim Baroness Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt who trained classical Japanese dance. After that we serve coffee and cookies and, anyone wanting to participate, is welcome to take our hands and join the dance to celebrate our unique community 🙂

The event is arranged in cooperation with the University Church and the Karlstad Meditation Network, and the project has funding from the Municipality of Karlstad as well as Region Värmland.

From the Pilgrim walk in October 2016

For the Children:

Any child who wants it, may be dubbed “Knight of the Golden Pea”. In the story of the Princess on the Pea, it turns out that the little pea is the most important ingredient of the fairytale, even though it is so small! In the same way, the children are more important and capable than some believe. Prince Freï brings the golden peas and the princely sword to dub those little knights that want to help make the world a better place. Please bear in mind that the smallest children may think that even the gentlest Prince is too large and slightly scary. There is no shame in waiting a year or two until one is ready to take the Knightly Vows. 🙂

Please print the diploma and bring it to the celebrations. Then we can sign the document together. Right click and “save as”: Diploma Pea!

A most Heartfelt Welcome!

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