Anki von Kringeltreu created Baroness in Lorenzburg

Anki von Kringeltreu cas been created Baroness in Lorenzburg in recognition of services to the nation. The family has been granted a Coat of Arms and a Seal as seen below. The text in translation: “The mills of fairytale grind slowly but surely.”

His Serene Highness and Gentle Glory, Prince Freï of Lorenzburg, Protector of the Oppressed, Defender of Freedom, The Thundering Throne, Mystical Fount and Unshakeable Foundation of the Principality of Lorenzburg, to All Our Most Beloved Subjects Whatsoever, to Our Allies and Cherished Friends, to the Princes of all Earthly Realms and To All to Whom these Presents shall come, Greeting!

LET IT BE KNOWN that, for Services to the Realm, it is Our Pleasure and Command that Our right trusty and well-beloved Friend, shall be raised to the rank of Baroness of the name:

Anki von Kringeltreu

 Vivat, et Prosit Tibi!

The Baroness Anki von Kringeltreu is thus recognized as a Peer within our Realm. Name and rank will be passed to issue of both genders in accordance with the Lorenzburg custom of cognatic inheritance of noble titles.

THESE THINGS WE DO under Our Great Seal on this 27th day of June, in this our most auspicious year Two Thousand and Seventeen. May all Sentient Beings Benefit from the acts here brought to pass!

litet Furstesigill

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