Lorenzburg regrets USA’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord

It is with the greatest regret that we receive the news of Mr. President Donald Trump’s decision to no longer honor the Paris Climate Accord from 2015. Climate change and environmental pollution are global phenomena that will affect all of the planet’s continents. Problems such as an increase in global temperature, damaged waters, micro plastics and contaminants introduced in the food chain, oil spills and floating mega-islands of plastics in our oceans don’t respect national borders or human agreements. These problems demand taking collective and personal responsibility through the choices we make on all levels in our daily lives.

As USA nu choose to leave the Paris Agreement, with reference to America’s economy, the do so against the advice of all serious research. They also ignore the last decades’ innovations in alternative energy technology. Even today the environmental friendly alternatives are becoming cheaper and more efficient than traditional energy sources. This means that USA has chosen a path where they will become the losers in the race towards innovation and green economy. They will simply fall behind as other nations and alliances develop better and cheaper solutions.

However USA’s leaving the Paris Agreement is only temporary. Eventually climate change and other environmental impact will force them to return to a policy which all serious science and research has shown is necessary for a sustainable future. Until then we will have to make sacrifices in order to damage control the effects of this unwise decision.

But still there is hope. All but three of the world’s countries have realized the importance of honoring an international agreement in order to alleviate the escalating problems. We also see national and local initiatives to lower the consumption of plastics, nano-particles, and toxic substances. It is my sincere hope that the citizens of Lorenzburg will want to continue their efforts to make greener and cleaner choices in their everyday lives.


Prince Freï of Lorenzburg

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