The Repair Manifesto, for a sustainable future!

Today we are reached by the news that 2/3 of the Earth’s species may be gone in just a few years. It is an undeniable fact that humans are influencing the environment negatively and that the rich countries are the worst culprits, mostly because of overconsumption of meat and unnecessary commodities.

The Most Serene Principality of Lorenzburg believes in protecting the environment. Nature, with it’s rich diversity in species, is a basis also for human life and we are called to do what we can in order to lessen our impact on the ecosystems. Here today we present the “Repair Manifesto” as an extension of the recycle paradigm. Recycling is expensive and many people can’t be bothered. Maybe it’s better to repair one’s things rather than constantly just buying new stuff?

  1. Make your products live longer!
  2. Things should be designed so that they can be repaired.
  3. Repair is not replacement.
  4. What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger.
  5. Repairing is a creative challenge.
Repair survives fashion.
  7. To repair is to discover.
  8. Repair – even in good times!
  9. Repaired things are unique.
  10. Repairing is about independence.
  11. You can repair anything, even a plastic bag.

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