Lorenzburg and the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona establish diplomatic relations

Foreign affairs

We are most delighted to announce that Lorenzburg and the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona has established diplomatic relations. May this new friendship be of mutual benefit for the two nations! micronation


About the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona:

The Kingdom of Sabia and Verona (Sabian: Rexin Sâbixann ê Veronas; pronounced: [ˈɾeʒinː sḁˈbiʒan eː veˈɾɔnäs]), simply known as Sabia and Verona (/ˈsæbiə ən bɛrɒnə/; Sâbia ê Verona) is a Valtir Sector micronation claiming sovereignty over territories in Western Venezuela and Argentina. Sabia and Verona has a total population of 113 as of November 2015 and claims an approximate territory of 0.056352 kilometers square (km2). Since 2015, the nation’s capital is the city of Alios, which alongside the Gonn Region comprises the Southern claims of the Kingdom in Argentina.

The South American kingdom was founded as an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Juclandia, another micronation based in Romania. The Alios Agreement, signed in 2016, resulted in the complete independence of Sabia and Verona as a micronation from Juclandia. Sabia and Verona is still a full member state of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, and the Kingdom maintains a close relationship with Jucărești. Both nations share a long history together and have many cultural traits in common, the most notable of which is the recognition of stuffed toys as citizens, and the active participation of them in the nation’s society and politics.

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