The Instituting of Ordo Chrisma Principate

His Serene Highness and Gentle Glory, Prince Freï of Lorenzburg, Protector of the Oppressed, Defender of Freedom, Mystical Fount and Unshakeable Foundation of the Principality of Lorenzburg, to All Our Most Beloved Subjects Whatsoever, to Our Allies and Cherished Friends, to the Princes of all Earthly Realms and To All to Whom these Presents shall come, Greeting!

LET IT BE KNOWN that it is Our Will and pleasure to institute a new order to celebrate, and hold sacred, the most mystical and subtle force called the Princely Anointing. This Ethereal and Exalted force originates within the Prince and flows like droplets of mystical anointing fire. It is understood that the sacrament of the Chrisma Principate (Coronation Oil) is an enactment of a spiritual authority, and a commitment to uphold the truest and most noble values of chivalry, in service of the absolute emancipation of all humans everywhere.

The insignia is a mirror of the Sacrivexillum, the personal standard of the Prince of Lorenzburg. It is a simple compass of white enamel, adorned with red droplets. The centre medallion bears a crowned vessel of anointing oil, resting on a cloud. Ribbons of blue enamel carries the text in latin: “gloria et decor ante vultum eius fortitudo et exultatio in sanctuario eius” (Splendor and majesty [shines from his face]; strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.)

WE DO ALL THESE THINGS under Our Great Seal on this twentyninth day of February, in this our most auspicious year 2016. May all Sentient Beings Benefit from the acts here brought to pass!

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