The Sacrivexillum – the personal standard of the Prince of Lorenzburg

The Sacrivexillum is the personal standard of the Prince of Lorenzburg. It is a white standard of three tongues trimmed in gold and it depicts a vessel of anointing oil, crowned and resting on a cloud. From the vessel flows drops of fire or blood, seven drops down the middle tongue and five on the tongues on either side. The standard bears the text in Latin: “gloria et decor ante vultum eius fortitudo et exultatio in sanctuario eius” (Splendor and majesty [shines from his face]; strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.)

The symbolism of this standard is referencing the Prince as source and fount of the majesty of Lorenzburg. From him flows the mysterious anointing, as droplets of spirit, which animates the land. But the Prince and the Land are one, and their existence are mutually dependable upon each other and so the mystical anointing must flow in both directions in a bi-latteral relationship.

The Sacrivexillum is one of two sacred flags, or standards, of Lorenzburg. The other is the Most Ancient and Noble Oriflamme (Latin: Flamma Aurea – Golden Flame):

Oriflamme Lorenzburg1

The Sacrivexillum is the personal standard of the Prince of Lorenzburg, and the Oriflamme is the main symbol of Lorenzburg itself.