The Prince


Hi, I am the Prince, who (or what) are you?
Why not participate in the transformation? Who are you? Entrepreneur? Parent? Giant? Elf? Baroness? Noble Knight? Emperor of Ovanmyr Street? One swallow does not make a summer and one Prince doesn’t make a fairytale nation.

I am Freï von Fräähsen zu Lorenzburg. Originally I trained as a choreographer and performance artist, but I woke one morning thinking it was time to try something else in life. I have always loved working with people so it was an easy choice to become a Prince. However, it’s not the Prince’s job to boss people around. Instead I, as Prince of Lorenzburg, aim to be a sparkling and affirming camp fire that signals: “Come, sit here for a while. Come, share your own story”. micronation

Man cannot live by bread alone!
It is my firm belief that people need myth and meaning in order to live fully. We also need freedom, companionship, pleasure, drive and opportunities to self-expression. Bread may satisfy the stomach but the hunger for life, how can it be fed? I myself was brought up on a nutritious diet of hearty food, live roleplaying, fantasy books and the proximity to nature. For me, growing up in Lorenzburg was a magical experience. I have love for the place, and that love is an inner compass needle which points towards Lorenzburg even when I travel around the world. Lorenzburg may be disguised temporary as a seemingly mundane residential area  in the city of Karlstad, but I see deeper than that. I can see the magic just underneath the surface. I can feel the presence of a magical realm that slumbers in the midst of everyday life. My task, as the Prince, is to invite you to contribute your very person, your unique magic and your story. That is how we collaborate to transform the city section Lorensberg into the enchanted Lorenzburg!