The order of St Isaac, or “the order of the teardrop”, is awarded to those who have done great deeds of compassion for the betterment of human kind. Peaceworkers, scientists and champions of human rights can be awarded the order in recognition of their work. The order has only one class and it is unique in that the insignia consist of an earring and a breast star.

The earring is the crowned princely monogram of Prince Frei in blue enamel and a tear shaped pearl. The breast star is made of silver and it depicts St Isaac of Nineveh. The many surviving quotes from the saint shows that he placed great importance on one’s emotional life as a path to liberation.

The fruits of the inner man begin only with the shedding of tears. When you reach the place of tears, then know that your spirit has come out from the prison of this world and has set its foot upon the path that leads towards the new age.