The day of St George is a celebrated on the 23rd of April each day to commemorate the saint. In the legend St George is the hero who slays the dragon in order to save both the princess and the kingdom from the beast’s greed and murderous hunger. In this day and age we have laws for animal welfare as well as a more forgiving attitude towards that which may seem strange and frightening. Perhaps a St George of our times would rather tame the dragon and gain a loyal friend for life?

In Lorenzburg the traditional way to celebrate the day is to drink “Dragon Brew” – a kind of mead made from birch sap. If you like fantastic adventures you may spend the day playing roleplaying games or reading fairy tales. The later is especially suitable as the UN World Book Day als is observed on this date.

Saint George is also the patron saint of all Boyscouts and the day is observed globally by the organization, often with special ceremonies.