The wonderful summer season is around the corner, and it is time to enjoy barefoot walks and sunny days!

The scent of the lilac trees is a sure sign that the summer holidays are coming. You may not know this, but one can prepare a tasty and refreshing drink from lilac flowers! Here below is a recipe that one of Lorenzburg’s citizens, Baroness von Kringeltreu, shares with us:

  1. Clean 50 lilac flower clustres and put them in a clean bucket.
  2. Slice 3 lemons and put them on top of the flowers.
  3. Sprinkle 50 g of citric acid on top.
  4. Boil  2-3 l of water and add 1,5 kilos of sugar.
  5. Pour the hot water/sugar mix into the bucket.
  6. Cover and leave it for 3-4 days, stir twice a day.
  7. Enjoy your refreshing drink!