Fairytale Realm

BerättareWelcome to the Fairytale Realm Lorenzburg – an enchanted place right in the center of Karlstad!

In Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story the very land is generated by the mythical “Child Empress”. She is the true heart of her fantasy empire. When the Empress is dying her country dies with her, and when she regains her health the country yet again blossoms. Similarly the nation of Lorenzburg is generated within The Prince, who functions as a “Lanterna Magica”, and is then projected outwards into our world. The country and the Prince are inseparable, or, to put it another way, they are one and the same. In Ende’s book the empress “reigns” but she doesn’t “rule”. All beings, whether they are ugly; beautiful; Intelligent; Stupid; “Good”; “Bad”; bright; dark, are equally welcome in Fantásien – the Child Empress’ realm. Similarly Prince Freï welcomes all people regardless of background, ability, ethnicity, religious belief, sex, gender, sexuality or any other characteristics to his kingdom. The only criterion for citizenship is that citizens adhere to the “sacred” command not to disturb or destroy someone else’s opportunity for creativity, play or personal growth.

The Prince doesn’t exercise any real power over his citizens even though some citizens may choose to follow his decrees. The relationship between the Prince and the citizens is a mutual handshake, they legitimize each other, and the contract is valid only as long as both parties think that it is valuable. The Prince’s function is to be a ‘primus inter pares’, first among equals, and as such his ultimate function is to be the ceremonial bearer of the mythological ‘matter’ of the nation and the people as well as ensuring their welfare and to champion the enlightenment ideals. Lorenzburg will exist as long as the Prince, or an appointed heir, reigns. If none is to be found the nation will cease to be. micronation

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