The Pride season begins

And so it’s the start of the Pride season – loved, hated and by so many people desperately needed… Pride is about so much more than merely the right to be who one is or the right to love another regardless who other people think one should love.
Pride is also about the right to live without crushing shame and crippling depressions and self-hate (which one always learns from others).
Pride is also about the right to live in a society that is on your side, that takes your social traumas and your fear of violence or discrimination seriously.
Pride is also about the right not to be defined solely by one’s sexuality and simultaneously the right to embrace one’s own natural sexuality as an integral part of who one is.
Pride is also about the right to find your own way in life and the right to share who you truly are with others.
The Pride season is by necessity carnevalesque, seeing that so many people are forced to live poor, hidden and stunted lives in the shadows. During pride we come together to comfort each other and to celebrate, regardless if we identify as gay, bisexual, transsexual or straight: We have survived yet another year and we continue to fight for EVERY human’s right to fundamental human rights,
And lastly: In the very heart of the Pride phenomenon is the moment we all come together to celebrate year after year – the moment we look another person in the eyes and say: “Here I am and this is who I am”.
Lorenzburg is a fairy tale nation with the motto: “Come as you are, become what you want”.
Regardless of who you fall in love with and regardless if you identify as elf, gnome or a princess, Lorenzburg shall always be a safe place where to come out.
As Prince I promise that regardless of who you are or how you identify, I will take your hand, look you in the eye and say: “Here I am – with you and for you.”
Prince Frei of Lorenzburg

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