Marina Andrea Velez Vago – Protector Extraordinaire of Animals!

We are most delighted to welcome Her Serene Highness Marina Andrea Velez Vago, as Protector Extraordinaire of Animals in Lorenzburg. We have great confidence that her dedication to, and love of, animals will be a much needed resource in these times of environmental challenges.

Academic Titles: BA, MFA, Ph.D. candidate
Noble titles: Protector Extraordinaire of Animals
Role models: Saint Francis of Assisi and Joanna Lumley
Aspirations: To end animal suffering and to relieve humans from the burdens of feeling superior
Merits: Being very practical
Sports: Hockey on grass
Likes: People who are nice
Dislikes: Humidity
Favourite dish: Mother’s asparagus pie

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Under Our name and seal,
His Serene Highness and Gentle Glory, Prince Freï, Infinitely Majestic Heart of Compassion, Protector of the Oppressed, Defender of Freedom, The Thundering Throne, Mystical Fount and Unshakeable Foundation of the Principality of Lorenzburg, etc etc

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