Prince Freï and “Kultur i Väst” are going to Kairo

We are delighted to announce that His Serene Highness and Gentle Glory Prince Freï will visit Kairo, Egypt, together with the regional arts organization “Kultur i Väst”. The visit is scheduled to take place in October 2016: micronation

Mahatat and CLUSTER Cairo

How can public art organize itself in environments where the resources and conditions are subject to change from one day to the next? Managing art projects in Kairo is different from the situation in Sweden and the visits’s ambition is to study the public art that arise from this different context. We are scheduled to visit, among others, the organisations Mahatat and CLUSTER Cairo. Mahatat is an organization for contemporary art in public spaces, focusing on collaborations, social entrepreneurship and expanding the arena for artists. Mahatat was founded in 2011, with the vision to contribute to a society where art is an available and visible part of life and public spaces. CLUSTER Cairo is a laboratory for urban studies and research, education and environmental research. CLUSTER Cairo operates in the borderland between critical theory and practical explorations.    

The Prince, himself an advocate of arts and democracy, will contribute his perspectives from working with Lorenzburg, as well as inviting others to collaborate across the borders.