H.S.H. and Ocean of Beauty Princess Olivia Pam of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes is awarded two orders

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Her Serene Higness and Ocean of Beauty is awarded the Order of the Flame of Lorenzburg, the Highest order of the nation, as well as the Ordo Chrisma Principate, the Order of the mystical sacrament of the anointing:

His Serene Highness and Gentle Glory, Prince Freï of Lorenzburg, Protector of the Oppressed, Defender of Freedom, Mystical Fount and Unshakeable Foundation of the Principality of Lorenzburg, to All Our Most Beloved Subjects Whatsoever, to Our Allies and Cherished Friends, to the Princes of all Earthly Realms and To All to Whom these Presents shall come, Greeting!

LET IT BE KNOWN that it is Our Will and Command, and out of our undying Devotion and Fondness, to appoint to the rank of Dame Commander of the Order of the Flame of Lorenzburg and the Ordo Chrisma Principate,  Our entirely Well-Beloved Cousin,
Her Serene Highness and Ocean of Beauty Princess Olivia Pam of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes.

Vivat Principissa!

ALL THESE THINGS are sealed under Our Great Seal on this third day of April, in this our most auspicious year 2016. May all Sentient Beings Benefit from the acts here brought to pass! micronation