Lorenzburg and the Principality of Pontinha establishes diplomatic relations

Foreign affairs

We are most happy to announce that Lorenzburg and the Principality of Pontinha has established diplomatic relations. May this new friendship be of mutual benefit for the two nations. micronation

It was on this atoll that the discoverers, in 1419, took refuge before stepping onto its neighboring Island of Madeira. The crux of the Fort remains in immaculate, immemorial conditions with sun rays protruding from the Fort portholes and serving as light. Taking one whiff of this aged Fort empowers any guest to travel back in time when swords clashed and sailors took to sea. This makes it the first and the oldest dwelling in the Atlantic thanks to the strong devotion and compassion of its actual owner.

In October 2000, the Fort of São José was purchased by a Madeiran whose intention was to restore all of the dignity for which the Fort was worthy of, having been once considered a laudable contribution to the world.

In order to recuperate the Fort archaeological work is currently being carried out at the premises and visits are now allowed. The tour includes four small partitioned areas, the natural conduit and the solitary confinement.

This islet, located in Europe, had once been subject to communitarian inquiries and as a result, Portugal had received funding; funding which had never been granted to its present-day owner for the fact, that the Fort had never belonged to the European Union. Nevertheless, after almost six centuries the Islet remains sturdy and upright, without any governmental funding to back it up!

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