Tall-Tale archeology : Fairytale Artifacts – the Dwarf Hat

The storyteller in me simply LOVES Tall Tales – those stories that are a little too good, and a little too colorful, to be true. In a better and more enchanted world our contemporary times would be filled with magical items. The fabled sword Excalibur would end up on Ebay and the magic harp from Jack and the Beanstalk would be sold to the highest bidder at Sotheby’s. Alas, this happens so rarely in this day and age!

In the world of the Tall Tales, in the version of history that could be true in a more magical dimension, magical things surface all the time. One example of a Fairytale Artifact is the “Dwarf Hat” which is safely deposited in a vault somewhere in Lorenzburg. The Dwarf Hat is said to render the wearer invisible, and it certainly isn’t a gadget one would want just lying around!

The Dwarf Hat, from the ancient viking sagas, was called Huliðshjálmar, and it was associated with the ccthonic powers that reside in the ground. The Lorenzbou Dwarf Hat is made of red and blue felt and embroidered with wool yarn. Magical Runes and spells are embroidered in gold thread. It is on the whole a magnificent piece!

Legend has it that the Dwarf Hat was won in game of chess, but who played, and why, is a story for another day!

F rosa