On the 22nd of March in 2021 the Most Serene Grand Principality of Lorenzburg entered diplomatic relations with the micronation known as the New Weddington Isles.

Flag of the New Weddington Isles
Coat of Arms of the New Weddington Isles

For much of the twentieth century the Royal Company’s Islands lay unclaimed and largely ignored; outside of any territorial waters and lying off any major shipping lanes.

In 2020, the establishment of the New Weddington Isles micronation led to renewed interest in these islands. Back in 2005 Lord Watitune, Lord of the Manor of New Weddington, set up a website in response to the decimation of the historic medieval village of Weddington in Warwickshire, UK by a huge housing development that obliterated many old Weddington’s former green fields and spaces.

Having relocated the New Weddington Isles’ government-in-exile to Canberra, Australia, the Royal Company’s Isles presented Lord Watitune with an ideal location for the physical aspirations of New Weddington – establishing a landed presence for this micronation and ultimately a base to rebuild and re-establish the medieval village of Weddington and its historic Castle (demolished in 1928). This is reflected in our official motto: “Renatus a terra usque ad mare” [“Reborn from land to sea”].

The Weddington Castle exterior

Our mission is to restore the once magnificent Weddington Castle estate – seat of the Manor until its physical demolition in 1928 – and to similarly preserve for posterity the remaining grounds and historic buildings as they are destroyed by a housing development in 2018. Our ultimate aim is to save the sprit and remains of old Weddington from obscurity through the power of cyberspace; transplanting the Manor half way round the world – to the safety and perpetual tranquillity of the NEW WEDDINGTON ISLES.

Weddington Castle interior

We also look to the future in our endeavours, and our mission is to create a forward-thinking micronation with its own distinct culture, activities and progressive values.


WEBSITE: www.newweddington.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newweddington

Weddington Castle: www.weddingtoncastle.co.uk