The Empire of Angyalistan (French: Empire d’Angyalistan) is a micronation founded on January 31, 1999, and whose sovereignty was proclaimed on October 7, 2000. It extends its territory along the horizon and is therefore a quantum nation: at every moment, each point on Earth is at the same time part of an infinity of horizon lines and not part of another infinity of horizon lines; the territory of the Empire is and is not at the same time, and Angyalistan has on it a quantum sovereignty, called “co-sovereignty”. The Empire of Angyalistan considers itself as a performative pantopia: this means that the mere fact of stating the principles of the Basic Law of the Empire is sufficient to achieve them.

National Coat of Arms

The Empire of Angyalistan claims too since October 2012 garbage patches in international waters (North and South Pacific, North and South Atlantic, Indian Ocean), with the aim of making disappear this physical territory. For practical reasons, the people of Angyalistan live in exile and the empire is administered from its permanent territorialized embassy to the European Union, located in France near Paris.

The flag of the Empire of Angyalistan
H.I.M. Olivier, Emperor of Angyalistan

Visit the official website to learn more: The Empire of Angyalistan