The Kingdom of Unixploria was founded in a sincere belief that we can do better. Every citizen of our great kingdom has dual citizenship, and we have a long history with our countries of birth. That initial spark to change things for the better has been with us ever since we started forming our new nation.

THE KINGDOM OF UNIXPLORIA has been an independent nation since August 8, 2006 A.D. We have been present online since October 15, 2015 A.D. The Kingdom is located within the borders of Sweden. More precisely, Unixploria is situated in the southern parts of the Swedish county of Småland, bordering the southern-most province of Skåne.

The initial thoughts about creating a micronation began in the 1990s. The future king delineated a nation called Imperium Universalis. A political party was formed which got several votes in the macro national municipal elections. The idea was to create a nation within a nation using democratic means to achieve it.

The micronation’s history is very much intertwined with the history of the neighboring countries. It shares common ancestors, languages, cultures, traditions, and religion.

The kingdom has been influenced by the same paradigm shifts through the millennia, and is proud to share that history even though Unixploria and the surrounding nations were not yet formed.

The founders’ political interest became a stepping stone for the budding nation to engage in other matters dealing with forming a new state. They spent months pondering what their nation should be like; what cultural heritage they had that made them different from their surrounding macro-nations.After much debate, the king and his cabinet decided it was time to formally announce the birth of Unixploria. A declaration of independence was signed, and a new kingdom was founded. This momentous occasion took place on August 8th, 2006 A.D.

The Monarch is Leif I of Unixploria.

Greater coat of arms of the Kingdom of Unixploria
The kingdom’s flag

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