Lorenzburg becomes the Grand Principality of Lorenzburg

The ancient Principality of Lorenzburg has been a hidden agent for play and neighborliness for centuries. Geographically it’s most often been localized to the place that, today, is called the city district of Lorensberg in the Swedish city of Karlstad. Recently, some of our citizens have emigrated to the adjacent Kroppkärr while some, already resident in that district, have asked to be welcomed as subjects in our nation.

The borders of Eternal Lorenzburg are stretchable. In tumultuous times they can shrink to the size of a pea, allowing it to be put in the pocket and carried through the challenges to safer times and places. In times of peace and prosperity the borders can expand, never through acts of war but always in friendship, to include others in Lorenzburg’s enchanted community.

For some time now, voices in Kroppkärr have been raised in the wish to belong, and contribute, to the proud history of Lorenzburg. Our nation has strong roots and a sturdy trunk, and so it is only natural to spread our branches to offer shade and fruit to those further away. It brings me and my people much joy to welcome our dear neighbors in Kroppkärr to a new unity in the Grand Principality of Lorenzburg.

A most heartfelt welcome,

Frei P.

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