The National Day of Lorenzburg

Dear Citizens of Lorenzburg,

All of Lorenzburg celebrates the National Day on the spring equinox, which means a different date every year. This year’s National Day falls on the 20:th of march. Sadly, because of the new Corona virus, we have to cancel the official celebrations in favor of a quiet contemplation on our many blessings.

Many of us are concerned as both the present and the future seem uncertain. Parts of our society are shutting down and people are advised to stay in their homes as much as possible. However, there are good forces at work. The public sector works tirelessly to help, support and offer care to those in need. The businesses are trying their best to secure their employees’ jobs, and volunteers really show up for their families, neighbors and strangers.

This is the time to be good to one another. What little we have we can share. Consideration is free, but it warms both giver and recipient. A small gesture of solidarity can be the ray of hope that dissipates the dark clouds that loom over someone who struggles.

Lorenzburg is but a tiny nation, hidden amongst villas, semi-detached houses and pine trees. But one shouldn’t dismiss that which is small! In the fairytale The Princess and the Pea, it’s not the folks with the crowns who have the most important functions, no, they are just the supporting roles for the story’s real hero: the pea! It is this insignificant seed that drives the cogwheels of the narrative until everyone can live happily ever after.

The pea is the primary symbol of Lorenzburg. The crowned pea on our proud banner the Oriflamme reminds us of the power that lies in goodness. That which is small can defeat that which is big, and kindness can overcome evil… …if we but dare believe it!

As the Prince of Lorenzburg I believe in the kindness, consideration and generosity of my people. I believe firmly that we will knock on our neighbor’s door to offer help. I believe that we will share our bread, or toilet paper, with those who couldn’t make it to the store in time to buy what they need. I believe that we will lend a candle, or offer a smile, to anyone who fumbles in the dark.

Our national day falls on the spring equinox, and this is not by pure chance! Day and night are equally long but tomorrow the scales will tip to favor the light. Let us remember this even during the dark days that may wait ahead. Let us remember that small, but kind, acts may drive the cogwheels of society until everyone can live happily ever after.

Your devoted,

Frei P.

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