Thank you Karlstad University

F rosa

His Serene Highness and Gentle Glory Prince Freï is very happy to have been invited to meet the Innovation and Design Engineering students at Karlstad University earlier today. The Prince held a short presentation about the Principality of Lorenzburg and about Prince Freï’s passion for innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. The Prince informed the students of the global situation for pollinating insects, how they are affected by climate change, damage to the environment and pathogens that decimate the population. The message is clear: No pollination = no nature = no food = no life. His Serene Highness urged the students to help find solutions for making the future bright for everyone on the planet. He also grasped the opportunity to talk about the importance of dreams and imagination. Mathematics and physics are great tools in building the world and human society, but maybe the greatest achievements are influenced by strength of vision and dreams of a better world! micronation